Tales from Space City 3

Tales from Space City 3

front cover art for Tales 3

This zine contains explicit sexual material, and is not for sale to anyone under the age of 18. Please do not buy the zine if such material offends you.

The contents of this zine are available on the Web


Someone to watch your back Belatrix Carter 1
Backup disk Executrix 11
Self-inflating… Tom Forsyth 17
Natural habitat Belatrix Carter 18
On web vs zines Helen Patrick 26
Breakup value Executrix 27
My love is like a purple, purple prose Tom Forsyth 32
Living doll Predatrix 33
Mindswap Manna 51
Closing the file AnnaS 62
Party peace Sally Manton 67
The past is an open book Sally Manton 74
Planet names Tom Forsyth 76
Editorial Helen Patrick

Front cover art: Willa Shakespeare
Other art: Helen Patrick and Photoshop

This amateur fanzine is copyright December 2002 to the writers and artists and Helen Patrick. It may not be reproduced in any form, including electronically, without the explicit written permission of the authors, artists and editor. It is understood that only original material is covered by this copyright and no attempt is made to supersede any copyright held by Terry Nation’s estate, the BBC or any other holder of copyright on Blake’s 7 material.

Technical details:
Over 33,000 words of non-editorial text
The layout was done in Word Pro 2000.
Main text: 10 point Times New Roman.
Other text: Arial, Times New Roman, Papyrus.
Printed as a folded letter booklet.

Corrections and comments are welcomed at helen.patrick@waveney.org


Yes, it’s a different format.

I don’t have the job with the access to cheap copying any more. In fact, I’m not even on the same continent any more. On the other hand, I have ample free time…

I’m doing this zine because I think that non-Netizens are people too. Blake’s 7 still supports several wonderful print zines (go and buy them, go and write things for them, please), but there’s a growing trend for authors to put their stuff straight onto the web. That’s great for people who have free or cheap web access, because it gives them affordable access to a lot of fiction. It’s not so great for people who don’t have web access at all, or only have censored access, or have to pay high metered rates for access. There are quite a few people in that situation. This zine is an attempt to make things available to both groups. In this issue, everything other than the short fillers is available from the Library at http://www.hermit.org/blakes7/Library/SrchReq.cgi

And the front cover? This is the first issue since the list changed name. The Mistress of Ceremonies from the Big Wheel welcomes you to Freedom City…

Helen Patrick, December 2002

Submission guidelines:

I never thought I’d need to put these in the zine, but then I got submission queries from non-list members after the first volume. Yes, I will consider stories from outside the list, although I give priority to list members.

The three important ones are:

    – no trib copies are given
    – electronic submissions only
    – you must be willing to have the story made available in ezine format for download from the Net should the paper zine go out of print

No trib copies, because I do not put any restriction on publishing the story on the web. However, please tell me if it has ever been on the web, or if you intend to place it on the web within a year, as I usually note in the zine what proportion of the zine is webbed at the time of publication. If you do want trib copies, there’s a partial listing of zines seeking submissions at http://www.hermit.org/blakes7/Fanzines/wanted.html You must tell the editor if you have ever made the story available on the Net, as many cannot accept such material.

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