Dear Diary, by Predatrix

“Diary, private, keep out, no prying, this means you, by KA”


Back with B again – have been dreaming of shooting him dead for months, mainly for leaving me with this lot, but unfortunately V jogged my arm and I missed. The look on B’s face when he thought I was going to shoot him dead, however, affords me some slight consolation. Have lost my headache-backache-and-general-stress-relief pills in all the confusion, but V has found me something else which he says is just as good (note to self: what is Prozac, anyway?).

Am glad B is back to run the Revolution, I never wanted it anyway, and I can have more time with T – I shall enjoy telling B that!


B appeared to be angling for some sort of romantic reunion scene, but I hate sentiment so I told him that T is far younger and prettier and he is perfectly welcome to make his own arrangements. He is now sulking. T came in halfway through the conversation, and is now also sulking, which is irrational. I wonder if V could give me a stronger prescription of that new medication?


Spent all day displaying my Trophy Toyboy to B. In evening T pestered me about what I ever saw in “that broken-down old man”. Unfortunately, B overheard, and subsequently roared at T for about ten minutes. T is developing tendency to start at sudden noises. Hope he forgets question, at least until have discovered polite way of expressing the idea that B is slightly better-hung.


B glowered at me all afternoon, which had usual effect on me. Am beginning to miss him ^H^H^H it. Did not tell him this. T alternated between giving me reproachful looks and asking me what was the matter. Stalked off to talk to O, which makes rather more sense than most humans around this place.


Had flaming row with T because he says I can’t keep my eyes off B. Spent rest of day in my room getting drunk. Awoken early evening by T nearly hammering the door down to make sure I was on my own. Making up after the quarrel was fun until the point at which I called out the wrong name. As was drunk and excitable, am not entirely sure which name I called out, but cannot ask T because he is sleeping in the spare room and not speaking to me. Spent evening telling O that T does not understand me.


Noticed T is talking to V a lot, presumably about how I don’t understand him. Not too worried – he’ll come creeping back this evening and make up with me.

Tuesday evening

Heard door being unlocked, and assumed it was T, so arranged myself on bed wearing nothing but a welcoming expression. Unfortunately, B had talked V into undoing my lock for him, so half an hour later, when T appeared, I was being screwed senseless all over the bed.

Have now remembered why I stayed with the irritating bastard all this time.

Should have felt extremely embarrassed at being discovered in flagrante by T, but was enjoying myself (and B) too much to say anything more coherent than “Oh, yes, Blake! More!” T said “Not again – that’s what you said last night!” and slapped me. B promised to knock T down to defend my honour, but could he do it later, he was busy. T emitted a strangled cry, turned on his heel, and ran.


Was expecting to be less than popular this morning, but T did not look too miserable. V was sitting rather close to him. When T got up to make a drink, V beckoned me over, and gave me a large bunch of flowers and a wink. Oh well. That solves that problem.

I’ll just have to make do with B.

(several handwritten notes here)

what do you mean “make do” – Roj

maybe you have your good points. I’ve forgotten – KA

want me to remind you? – Roj

I suppose I can’t stop you – KA

you’d better not – Roj

are you going to––––––––––––––– (trails off into long wiggly line)

Yes, of course I did. I think you enjoyed that – Roj

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