Tales from Space City 2

Tales from Space City 2


Helen Patrick

This zine contains explicit adult material, both heterosexual and homosexual, and is not for sale to anyone under the age of 18. Please do not buy the zine if such material offends you.
Most of the contents of this zine have previously appeared on Space City, a private, non-archived email list. Some of the contents of this zine are archived on the World Wide Web.


or, “Actually, I could get to like this…

So here we are with another volume of Tales from Space City. I must be mad… In fact, I’m even planning on continuing with a third volume, proof positive that I’m mad.

It’s a little later than I’d planned. The curse of the zine editor struck – I was too ill to do a decent job on it for most of last year. Then a month before the Neutral Zone con I realised that I was well enough to start work on it again, and that if I worked very hard, and if my long-suffering proof readers worked even harder, there might be just enough time before the con to assemble the material I’d already edited into a zine. As it happens, the list had a change of management, and a change of name, shortly after I’d had to set the zine aside. After four years of sterling work, the list owner found she could no longer juggle the demands of Real Life and the list. Another kind, if obviously masochistic <g,d&r>, soul has taken over responsibility. The changeover seemed a good point to break off Volume 2, and start Volume 3, hence this volume is a little thinner than the first.

As before, this is a non-trib zine, and thanks are due to the authors for contributing anyway. Thanks also go to the proof readers and artist. I’ll try to give you a little more notice next time, ladies. Yes, I know I said that last time <feeble grin>. And I mustn’t forget various people who nagged. And finally, Susan, for four years’ hard labour at keeping Space City a wonderful place to drop in for a virtual pint. Cheers.

Note on second edition: Shortly after the first edition went to press, a change in my work meant that I could no longer handle the printing and sales side of zine production. Fortunately, Judith Proctor agreed to take over on future print runs. As Judith’s policy on adult art is stricter than mine, we decided that the simplest way to handle it would be to remove all adult art from future print runs of the existing zines. The gen art only copies will be clearly marked as a separate edition.

Technical details:
Over 65 000 words of non-editorial text.
The layout was done in Word Pro 97.
Main text: 10 point Times New Roman.
Editorial commentary: 12 and 10 point Unicorn.
Other text: Arial and Times New Roman.

Vocabulary, spelling and punctuation have generally been converted to British English throughout, with the exception of Labor Day (it is a US public holiday, after all).

Printed on A4 size paper. Nobody has permission to reprint in any other format, and at this writing no one other than Judith Proctor has permission to reprint at all. Please don’t support pirates – you only hurt the fandom if the people who sink their time and money into producing zines are driven out of publishing because they can’t cover the costs of a print run.

Corrections, comments and suggestions on layout, printing quality and binding are welcomed at helen.patrick@bigfoot.com, or whichever snailmail address I’m using at the time.


Editorial 2
Contents 3
Vampire Snippet Predatrix 5
A snippet – Avon’s eyes Sandy Steiner 6
Touch-A Touch-A Touch-A Touch Me Kat W 7
Interlude Calle Dybedahl 8
Unlikely Challenge Oliver Klosov 9
There’s a Rocket in my Pocket Airan Wilkinson 10
Keeping Warm Predatrix and Helen Patrick 11
Snippet Jenni-Alison 11
The Diamond Prince Julia Henry 12
Zipper Alicia Ann Fox 13
Shadowscapes Anfrolenthis 14
12 Days of Christmas Cami 17
Decline and Fall Anon 18
Revenge Steve Rogerson 19
Vilanelle Predatrix 20
Eye Colour Genetics Lisa Williams 20
Dear Diary Predatrix 21
Dreams of an Insomniac Nova 22
Snippet Susan Cutter 25
Space City room party at Redemption 1999 Kat W, una, Harriet, predx, Rob 25
Packing for Redemption Christabel 26
Language and Morals Crackdown Susan Cutter 27
Oliver Klosov 27
Judith Proctor 27
Deborah Rose 28
Fifitrix 29
Santa Saves the Day Susan Cutter 30
The 1998 Birthday Party
Party Theme Susan Cutter 31
Hidden Facet Susan Cutter 32
The Lesson Lydia McMartyn 33
Gan Judith Proctor 34
Irreversible Catharine R 34
Just a Quickie Lydia McMartyn 34
Mr President Oliver Klosov 35
I Was Corrupted by Space City!!! Helen Patrick 36
Korda Sings Kassandra West 37
Hidden Facets Calle Dybedahl 38
Hidden Facet Christabel 39
Secret Steve Rogerson 40
Hidden Facets Paula Robinson 41
Party Favour Oliver Klosov 42
Hidden Facets Carolyn 42
A Source of Innocent Merriment Count Jockula 43
Hidden Facets Christabel 44
Hidden Facets Predatrix 45
Hidden Facets 2 Predatrix 47
Hidden Facets 2 Kate Hall 48
Hidden Facets Jenner 49
Hidden Facet Susan Cutter 50
Hidden Facet Susan Cutter 51
Flight Catharine R 52
Hidden Assets Christabel 52
Hidden Facets 1 Kate Hall 53
Desertion Andrea 54
Hidden Facets Louise Rutter 56
Round Robins and other things
Christmas Carols Christabel 57
Avon at the Con Various:Susan Cutter, Lorna Payne, Oliver Klosov, Pat Fenech, Cami, Helen Patrick, Christabel 58
Lament An anonymous Significant Other 72
Spacerebels of Gor Calle Dybedahl 73
Some scribbling Jenni-Alison 81

All art by Val Westall.

This amateur fanzine is copyright March 2000 to the writers and artist and Helen Patrick. It may not be reproduced in any form, including electronically, without the explicit written permission of the authors, artist and editor. It is understood that only original material is covered by this copyright and no attempt is made to supersede any copyright held by Terry Nation’s estate, the BBC or any other holder of copyright on Blake’s 7 material.

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