Tales from Space City 1

Tales from Space City


Helen Patrick

This zine contains explicit adult material, both heterosexual and homosexual, and is not for sale to anyone under the age of 18. Please do not buy the zine if such material offends you.

Most of the contents of this zine have previously appeared on Space City, a private, non-archived email list. Some of the contents of this zine are archived on the World Wide Web. A small number of stories were originally published in paper zines in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

Technical details:

Over 106 000 words of non-editorial text.
The layout was done in Ami Pro 3.1, proving that there’s still life in 16-bit software.
Main text: 10 point Times New Roman.
Editorial commentary: 12 and 10 point Unicorn, because the editor has a warped sense of humour and thought this an appropriate font name to be used in a smut zine.
Other text: Arial and Times New Roman.
Comments and suggestions on layout, printing quality and binding are welcomed at helen.patrick@bigfoot.com, or whichever snailmail address I’m using at the time.

Spelling has generally been converted to British English throughout, with the exception of Labor Day (it is a US public holiday, after all). It should be noted however that while the editor concurs with Fowler on the use of -ize, the editor’s word processor does not. Correct use was sacrificed in favour of consistent use. Please do not write to nit-pick on this subject, we’ve already had the thread on SC 🙂 As for split-infinitive obsessives – I suggest you read Fowler on the subject :->


Technical details 2
Contents 3
Frontispiece Val Westall facing 5
Editorial Helen Patrick 5
Space City FAQ 6
Derek Catharine Roussel 7
Haiku Nicola Collie 8
Night Vanessa Mullen 8
MSWank 5.0 Predatrix 9
A Trifling Affair Helen Patrick 10
BUARA Anon. 15
Blake’s 7 Go Camping Linda Norman 16
A Visit From Saint Nick Susan Cutter 18
Impossible Vanessa Mullen 19
Gamble Vanessa Mullen 21
Automatic Reactions Predatrix 22
Kippurs Tom Forsyth 31
Red Leather and Silverleaf Julia Henry 32
Red Roses Vanessa Mullen 36
Trigger Happy Tom Forsyth 37
A Snippet Cami 43
Orac and the Art of Programming Alicia Ann Fox 44
Forfeits Vanessa Mullen 50
Dream Vanessa Mullen 51
Hammer House of Horror M. Fae Glasgow 51
Comfort Vanessa Mullen 52
Snippet Steve Rogerson 53
End Thoughts Sandy Stein 54
Santa Does Space City Susan Cutter 55
Time Distort Tom Forsyth 56
Delirium Cami 57
Avon Rules!!! M. Fae Glasgow 59
A Cockpit Tale Steve Rogerson 60
Avalon – The Silly Version CaeVye 61
That Word beginning With ‘C’ A.A.L. 62
Alicia’s Having Trouble With Furniture Various 66
Premise Andrea 67
Hypnotist Alicia Ann Fox & Helen Patrick 69
Comp Tech Aurora Rowan 70
Redemption Filks Judith Proctor 71
Godot 7 CaeVye 72
Pandora’s Box Linda Norman 77
To See Ourselves Linda Norman 79
Continuum Steve Rogerson 81
Dome Cycle Lament Christabel & Vanessa Mullen 82
Phoning Roosters Tom Forsyth 83
Editorial Ramble 84
Which Way: Blue Twisted Sister 85
Which Way Story – Gan Gets Some Twisted Sister 86
Dreams – starter piece Susan Cutter 92
Giving Susan Moore 93
Sunday’s Dream Susan Cutter 93
Dream Airan Wilkinson 94
Dream Vanessa Mullen 94
Speaking to the Subconscious Alicia Ann Fox 95
2 000 001 B.C.: A Blake Odyssey Alison Page 96
Jenna’s Dream Steve Rogerson 98
Wet Dreams Noah Sassenach 99
Dream Jenner 101
Love and other Enigmas Pat Fenech 102
Tarial Dream Alicia Ann Fox 104
Dreams Arachne 104
Servalan’s Dream Steve Rogerson 105
Addictions Sandy Stein 106
Del… Alicia Ann Fox 107
Afterdreams Sandy Stein 108
Why Should I Dream of You? Deneb 109
Dream Carol K 112
A Dream of Peace Sandy Stein 113
Everyone Needs Someone to Love One Of Those Damn Lurkers 114
A Dream Susan Cutter 116
Another Dream Susan Cutter 119
Dreams Are Nuthin’ More Than Wishes Noah Teuchter 121
Nightmare Sandy Stein 122
Dream Statistics Susan Cutter 123
The Black Round Robin Various 124

All art by Val Westall.

This zine is copyright October 1998 to the writers and artist and Helen Patrick. It may not be reproduced in any form, including electronically, without the explicit written permission of the authors, artist and editor. It is understood that only original material is covered by this copyright and no attempt is made to supersede any copyright held by Terry Nation’s estate, the BBC or any other holder of copyright on Blake’s 7 material.


or, “How the hell did I let myself be talked into this?”

Somewhere out in the reaches of the internet, there’s a virtual pub, where people sit around of an evening, talking about the things people talk about in pubs; sex, food, things like that… It’s called Space City, and it’s the Blake’s 7 fanfic mailing list. If you don’t understand why it’s called Space City, then you need to watch the episode Gambit again.

A lot of the time we do the things that we do on the main B7 list at Lysator, or we wibble in general, or we discuss the last or the next con. The rest of the time we do fanfic. Research for stories, and the stories themselves. Often, it’s a story that’s being offered up for beta-reading before it goes to a zine, or a sneak preview, but some of the time it’s just for us – and for one reason or another many of these never go to a zine, or even a website. Space City is not and never will be archived, by the express desire of the Citizens and for very good reasons, but this means that newer members and those without email access don’t have easy access to much of this fiction. It’s not impossible, but it’s not easy. This is a shame, because the quality of the material submitted to Space City is astonishing.

This resulted in discussions about archiving fiction in a diskzine, but the number of people interested in such a format didn’t make it look worthwhile for the work that would be involved. I was then stupid enough to mention at a con that I had access to printing facilities at a cost that might make short print runs financially feasible… Some arm-twisting and emotional blackmail later, I put out a call for stories. You’re holding the result.

This zine wouldn’t have been possible without a lot of people. Firstly, the authors themselves. Normal zine practice is to give free trib copies to authors, but that simply wouldn’t have been financially viable for this zine – so many of the people likely to buy it have contributed to it. I could only have done it by setting the minimum contribution to a ridiculously high number of pages, so editorial dictat was that there would be no trib copies for authors. They gave me the material anyway. Thanks go to my anonymous proofreaders, for reading above and beyond the call of duty when my travel plans for Eclecticon changed at short notice and they had to proof-read great chunks in less than a week. Judith Proctor gave me much sound advice on all aspects of zine publishing, and a shoulder to cry on on the days when I wondered why I’d let myself in for this. And thanks to Val Westall for the lovely artwork to illustrate actual story scenes, especially as she was not only hit by the changed deadline, but by the sudden illness of her mother.

No thanks go to the printer repair shop that promised 24-48 hours in their ads, said “a week” when they took it away, and eventually gave it back two months later when told I was collecting it at the end of the week whether they’d repaired it or not. Bastards. No thanks to those who will undoubtedly pirate this zine as soon as it hits the market. The fandom’s been hit by zine pirates again – we know they’re operating, because we’ve seen the blatently bootlegged zines. It’s very simple, boys and girls – zine bootlegging is theft. It takes a hell of a lot of work to put a zine together, and you sink a lot of money into it. Printing masters, postage on sending drafts and proofs back and forth, phone bills on email (some of us pay by the second for local calls, you know)… it adds up to a lot of money before you even get to the print shop. Then there’s the free copies to the contributors. Those costs have to be covered, and then you’ve got the problems of paying for the print run before you ever see any money back. If you can’t sell half your print run because somebody else is stealing your customers with stolen copies of your zine, you’re going to go out of business. A pirate doesn’t have any of that work, or any of those costs. She just buys a single copy, runs off how ever many she thinks she can sell, and sells them for a large profit. If you buy from a pirate, you’re doing yourself and the fandom no favours. You’re getting a second generation copy, with much poorer reproduction (especially the artwork), and don’t think you’re saving money – they usually sell at the same or even a higher price as the legitimate copies. You’re also doing your bit towards ensuring that the legitimate publisher will simply give up and not bother with zines any more. We all lose as a result.

So if you want to check the copy you’re holding – make sure it’s printed on A4 size paper. That’s a bit taller and a bit thinner than letter format. That means there should be an even one inch margin around the top and sides of the cover illo. Nobody has permission to reprint in any other format, and at this writing no one has permission to reprint at all. The only people authorised to sell the copies I print are Judith Proctor and the people who agent for her in the US and Australia. The zines are individually numbered in gold or silver marker, and have a colour cover, colour frontispiece and ten monochrome internal illustrations, all on semi-gloss paper.

I’m pleased to say that in the time between Red Rose, when this zine should have premiered, and Eclecticon, when it will premier (I hope!), I’ve been offered a lot of material for the next volume. Not enough for a zine, yet, but it looks like I’ll be able to put out another volume late next year. It’ll be the same mix of gen, het, slash and non-fiction – in other words, typical Space City. I’m also hoping to publish the Cock and Bull saga, a sex comedy in four parts by Predatrix and Another Lady. A plausible A/B/G, no less. How the hell did I let myself be talked into this? 🙂

Oh yes – corrections on typos, etc. welcome at either the email or the snailmail address. The proofreaders are good, but nobody’s perfect – especially the editor… And the authors and artist would love Letters of Comment.

October 1998


The following material is taken from the Guidelines kept on certain B7 websites, and posted to newcomers. It omits the subscribe/unsubscribe details, as these are occasionally subject to change.

Space-City Guidelines


BLAKE: So. That is Space City.

VILA: Also known as the Satellite of Sin.


(version 1, 10/1/98) (or 1/10/98 for the rest of us)

The Space-City list is a forum for the free discussion of interpersonal relationships involving characters from Blakes 7. This most definitely includes discussion of sex, both hetero and slash, and B7 fanfiction of any rating category. Other topics that branch from those discussions, or other matters that have or might result in unwanted friction on the main Blake 7 list are also welcome.

This list is a specialized supplement to the main Blake 7 list, not a replacement for it. (To subscribe to that list: email to blakes7-request@lysator.liu.se)

Because of the possibly “adult”, aka “explicitly sexual”, nature of some of the posts on this list, membership is restricted to adults.





please follow the instructions at the end to unsubscribe IMMEDIATELY!


General Guidelines:

A. Remember, this is a Blakes 7 mail list. Topics sometimes stray, but if a thread goes wildly off-topic and looks to stay off-topic, please shift that discussion to a more appropriate forum.

B. All material posted to this list is copyright to the individual authors. Please do not pass posts along, or use them in any other manner UNLESS the author gives you permission to do so. You see, some members post here about “delicate” subjects they wouldn’t want to be quoted about in less friendly forums. Some writers try out fiction here which they may then decide to rework for later submission to zines or other publications. Having this “no quoting outside the list without permission” rule clearly understood is a benefit to all of us: The writers needn’t fear embarrassment or loss of control over the use of their creations. The rest of get to enjoy those posts, which otherwise they might not feel able to share. So, feel free to quote from posts while responding to them *here* — or in private mail to the writer — but ask before doing anything else. Fandom runs on trust. *PLEASE* don’t do anything to betray that.

Authors: to doubly protect your rights to your stories/essays, a formal copyright notice should be added to the bottom of each of your posts in the following format: (c) 1996 Jane Doe

C. There are no rules against the use of “dirty words”, but remember that if you are gratuitously offensive many people will start ignoring you and your ideas.

D. Please follow the ordinary restrictions on Net posting: no blatant ads for non-B7 items or services (ads for B7 zines/filktapes/artworks/ cons/etc are welcome), no libel, no calls for the violent overthrow of the government, and so forth.

E. Space City is a friendly, welcoming forum. To keep it that way, please don’t make personal attacks, troll/stir, or complain about the topics other people are discussing. If you are bored, start a thread of your own.

F. The existence of Space City isn’t advertised or promoted to the general public to avoid attracting people who are only looking for smut rather than being interested in B7. This does not mean it is “secret.” Feel free to recruit any B7 fannish friends you think would fit in. If you wish, you may forward copies of this FAQ to them.

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