These are the Blake’s 7 fanzines I edited and published. They’re now mostly out of print, but may be available second-hand from the Hermit and Knightwriter shops. I’ll be adding (slowly) the contents of most of the zines to this website, but many of the stories are also available elsewhere on the web. You can find a detailed list of the contents of each zine in the Hermit zine database. I won’t be able to add everything, as I don’t have permission for some of the stories in the early zines and no longer have contact details for everyone. I learned, and made it a condition of submission on later ones that I had permission to weblish unless permission was explicitly withdrawn.

Tales from Space City was started as a paperzine archive for the Space City/Freedom City mailing list (with some bits from the Lysator B7 mailing list). Its specific purpose was to provide a dead tree home for material from the list which was too good to lose, but which for various reasons didn’t suit other zines. Too short, too weird, too in-joke… you get the idea. It was also a way to get a lot of themed stories from the annual Labor Day Party collected in one place. It never had an open call for submissions outside the City and the Lyst (although I did get the occasional outside submission anyway), so most of the material was first seen online. Vem Quest was a round robin from the mailing list, Tales material but long enough to warrant having its own zine.

I ended up doing some other zines as a direct result of starting Tales. The Endless Farce started with a story Predatrix had written for the City, then put on the web. I sent her an idea for a sequel, which she wrote. And like Topsy, it grew. Then an author with a long-running AU series asked if I’d be interested in doing a print edition of the latest story. Legacies was just the right length to suit the Tales zine format, and I’d long admired the series… Dead Boyfriend of the Week was the only one where I put out a specific call for submissions. Strictly speaking it’s not a Tales zine (the submission rules were different), but it drew on the same group of writers and in practice it’s a special issue of Tales.

Dead Boyfriend of the Week (mixed)

Legacies (gen)

Tales from Space City (mixed)

  • Volume 1
  • volume 2
  • Volume 3
  • Volume 4
  • Volume 5
  • Volume 6
  • Volume 7
  • Volume 8
  • Volume 9
  • Volume 10

The Endless Farce (slash)

The Endless Farce 2 (editor only)

Vem Quest (mixed)

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