(Lack of) updates

The site is not dead, it’s just resting. Really. But I had a crippling bout of RSI, and when I say “crippling”, I mean “totally dependent on speech recognition technology to do anything at all with a computer for over a year”. Getting the zine files into WordPress format, never mind the abomination that is the AO3 interface, was and to some extent still is beyond me. There’s unlikely to be anything gift-wrapped under the tree plantation for Gauda Prime Day this year. I have however, had an offer of help in importing zines. That’s in the queue behind various other fannish archiving endeavours for B7 fandom, but with any luck there will be some activity on the zine front in the forseeable future, even if it isn’t by me.

I’m still moderately dependent on Dragon, so my limited keyboard capacity is being reserved for the profic career for now. I’d rather be writing plot than code, and my original fic is what’s in my brain demanding that I write it Right Now. But I haven’t forgotten the site’s here…

Mirroring to AO3

I’ve copied Tales 5 (whole zine on one page) and the skeleton for Dead Boyfriend over to AO3, and there are collections set up should anyone wish to start adding their own stories to the relevant collections. I’ll get around to doing Tales 6 some other time, because there’s other stuff I need to do today.

Happy Gauda Prime Day!

Thirty years ago tonight, the BBC broadcast the last episode of Blake’s 7. Yes, that episode, the one that even non-fans remember. Thirty years since Chris Boucher ruined everyone’s Christmas. Or, looked at from another perspective, gave angst fans their best Christmas present ever.

And it was the gift that just kept on giving, as far as fanfic was concerned. It’s still inspiring stories. But the ones I’ve got under the G-P tree farm are from the 20th Anniversary Wake. Tales 5 and 6 are now available for your reading pleasure at the zine website on WordPress.


Tales 2 skeleton now up on AO3 and WordPress

Given the looming 30th anniversary of Gauda Prime Day, I’ve been doing some more zine archiving. The zine skeleton for Tales 2 is now on AO3 and the WordPress site, along with a sampling of stories. They’re all by Pred, because although I have explicit permission for a few others, those ones are part of the Party and won’t make sense without the starter piece, for which I need to contact Susan Beth or find where I put my online permission granted list.

While looking for the aforementioned list, I found the file with the random snippets and one-liners I’d collected as possible filler material. Some of them didn’t get used. I wish I’d had room/permission for them — there was a lot of very funny word-play on the City.

Tales 1 skeleton now up on WordPress and AO3

Last weekend I added a skeleton of the first volume of Tales from Space City to the WordPress site and to my Archive of Our Own account. From my LJ/DW post at the time:

Right now it has the editorial frontmatter, including the table of contents, Pred’s “MSWank 5.0”, and one of the filler snippets. I will add more things as I get time/energy to do so and permissions from people (remember that I did not get advance permission for online publication for the first 2 volumes). The AO3 version is set up as a collection, so any of you who already have copies of your stories on AO3 can also add them to the collection.

If you don’t have an account but are happy for me to add some or all of your Tales 1 content to the “whole zine” file, please comment or email. I have a file around here somewhere of who gave me permission a few years ago, but I need to do a disk trawl for it. Likewise, if you did give me permission but have changed your mind since, please let me know.

I’m happy to add links from the TOC/stories to people’s websites, LJs, etc, but that’s something I’m *not* doing unless the person concerned asks me to.


And after posting that, I also added Predatrix’s “Automatic Reactions”.


Hello world!

“The time has come,” the Walrus said, “to talk of many zines…”

Having temporarily (hah) abandoned the zine archive site I’d started on Google Page Creator because they were going to move everyone to Google Sites, I finally logged into Sites yesterday to Do Something, and found myself frustrated by the new interface. Sufficiently frustrated that I have decided to start over. I’m using WordPress as a testbed to experiment with the site design, although it may be a temporary home so I suggest you don’t hard-link to it. First up was some experimenting with basic structure, using a zine where everything is available online already and I only have to update the links. I may fiddle with the appearance of the page for a bit, and I need to add a link to an index with some of the “tell me all about the story before I actually read it in case I get surprised” stuff that modern fic fandom apparently requires, but Dead Boyfriend of the Week is now available for your reading pleasure.