I spent a good many years writing Blake’s 7 fanfic, and editing a dead tree zine. I don’t do either any more, because these days I’m writing original character fic and getting money for it, but I have not forgotten that I said that I’d eventually get around to putting the zines online. I finally got around to it when Google offered free webspace as their latest enticement to eyeballs for ads. However, it’s going to be a slow process. :->

This will eventually house most of the material in the zines I published, plus some of my own fanfic, and my zine reviews. The general principle is — you may freely download these to your own hard drive, and print them off for personal use, but please do not republish them on the web without first getting permission from the authors. Sometimes people have problems in Real Life that make it necessary to remove evidence of their fannish activities, and yes, that includes genfic as well as the smut.

[Update 2011] My zines are now mostly out of print, and while there may be a few copies lying around in a storage box somewhere, for all intents and purposes if you want a print copy you’re going to have to look for a second-hand one for most titles. And the site is moving to WordPress, because Google changed from Page Creator to Sites, and I do not like the new interface at all.

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