(Lack of) updates

The site is not dead, it’s just resting. Really. But I had a crippling bout of RSI, and when I say “crippling”, I mean “totally dependent on speech recognition technology to do anything at all with a computer for over a year”. Getting the zine files into WordPress format, never mind the abomination that is the AO3 interface, was and to some extent still is beyond me. There’s unlikely to be anything gift-wrapped under the tree plantation for Gauda Prime Day this year. I have however, had an offer of help in importing zines. That’s in the queue behind various other fannish archiving endeavours for B7 fandom, but with any luck there will be some activity on the zine front in the forseeable future, even if it isn’t by me.

I’m still moderately dependent on Dragon, so my limited keyboard capacity is being reserved for the profic career for now. I’d rather be writing plot than code, and my original fic is what’s in my brain demanding that I write it Right Now. But I haven’t forgotten the site’s here…

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