Happy Gauda Prime Day!

Thirty years ago tonight, the BBC broadcast the last episode of Blake’s 7. Yes, that episode, the one that even non-fans remember. Thirty years since Chris Boucher ruined everyone’s Christmas. Or, looked at from another perspective, gave angst fans their best Christmas present ever.

And it was the gift that just kept on giving, as far as fanfic was concerned. It’s still inspiring stories. But the ones I’ve got under the G-P tree farm are from the 20th Anniversary Wake. Tales 5 and 6 are now available for your reading pleasure at the zine website on WordPress.


Tales 2 skeleton now up on AO3 and WordPress

Given the looming 30th anniversary of Gauda Prime Day, I’ve been doing some more zine archiving. The zine skeleton for Tales 2 is now on AO3 and the WordPress site, along with a sampling of stories. They’re all by Pred, because although I have explicit permission for a few others, those ones are part of the Party and won’t make sense without the starter piece, for which I need to contact Susan Beth or find where I put my online permission granted list.

While looking for the aforementioned list, I found the file with the random snippets and one-liners I’d collected as possible filler material. Some of them didn’t get used. I wish I’d had room/permission for them — there was a lot of very funny word-play on the City.