Hello world!

“The time has come,” the Walrus said, “to talk of many zines…”

Having temporarily (hah) abandoned the zine archive site I’d started on Google Page Creator because they were going to move everyone to Google Sites, I finally logged into Sites yesterday to Do Something, and found myself frustrated by the new interface. Sufficiently frustrated that I have decided to start over. I’m using WordPress as a testbed to experiment with the site design, although it may be a temporary home so I suggest you don’t hard-link to it. First up was some experimenting with basic structure, using a zine where everything is available online already and I only have to update the links. I may fiddle with the appearance of the page for a bit, and I need to add a link to an index with some of the “tell me all about the story before I actually read it in case I get surprised” stuff that modern fic fandom apparently requires, but Dead Boyfriend of the Week is now available for your reading pleasure.